The Pillar

06 - The Pillar

This image started off as a bit of a test of a new 3d model – the central pillar. It was looking good: creepy, moody and a bit odd but was missing some sense of perspective. I added the birds but again it needed something more. So, that’s where the boat comes in. Quite why a boat would be going towards such a thing is beyond me, but it provides a great sense of scale. It also adheres (to an extent) to that golden rule of thirds.

After the final render was complete, I brought it into Photoshop. Here I was able to add a few mist layers to increase the depth of the image. I also added the waves of the boat, using a free transparent image and Photoshop’s transformation tool.

The final image was eventually picked up by a leading RPG book company based in Wales, sold for an undisclosed figure. Needless to say, I’m more than happy with the results from something that started off as a test!


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