The Well

The Well

This is one of my favourite pictures. It’s heavily inspired by the works of Aron Wiesenfeld, who creates amazingly bleak but beautiful oil paintings. His work often leaves me wondering about what is around the corner.

As a render, I was very pleased with the results. I have a habit of over lighting scenes so with this scene I deliberately kept the lighting to a minimum. I’ve since discovered that this type of lighting (if I was a real painter) is called Chiaroscuro – a strong contrast between light and dark. The intention was to try and draw the focus to the well, but also to not have anything obvious coming out of the well. Another bad habit I have is to add tentacles to everything and anything so on this one I kept it all out. I guess it was my attempt to replicate that sense of mystery that Mr. Wiesenfeld achieves so effortlessly.

The picture features two recurring characters I like to put into my renders. The girl is called Lenore, and the little alien thing has been dubbed Albert. His real name is Loik, by the fantastic modeler Nursoda.


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