Well hello there! For whatever reason you’ve stumbled across this blog so a very warm welcome to you. My name is Russell and this is my occasional blog. I keep myself busy in a variety of ways:

My family comes first – always has, always will. A proud Dad and loving Husband, what more can I say without getting too cheesy!

I play drums in what could be best described as a music collective. We play a variety of tunes/styles to suit our needs. I know that’s a bit vague, but that sort of sums us up. In a previous life, we recorded an album on the world famous Alopecia Records…you can find it on Spotify if you really wanted – search for Jamming Arabs and away you go!

Using a variety of tools, I produce digital images. My main weapons of choice are Mojoworld, Daz3d and Photoshop. My art has been used to illustrate books, magazines and games. I also sell my own prints and have done a few Kickstarters in my time.

To date, I’ve had about 15 stories published in various places. I generally write weird-lit, horror, flash fiction type stuff.

I think that about sums it up. Feel free to message me or comment and I’ll do my best to get back to you!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Russ,
    I am enjoying reading your new blog. The toilet etiquette bit struck a cord as we have just got back from Greece. It’s taken me a while to get used to putting the paper in the toilet bowl without feeling bad.
    Anyhow if you would like us to archive the blog for posterity just let me know – more details here: http://www.webarchive.org.uk/ukwa/
    Hope you’re all doing ok & see you soon,


  2. How do!

    Putting toilet paper in the bin is a bit weird to begin with, eh? I actually prefer the washing method but it’s not so pleasant in colder countries…..

    If I write a few more posts then I’ll take you up on your archive offer – that looks very fancy 🙂

    Feel free to pop over and visit Baby Bell and Wawa…



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